About us

Who are we?

The M3I Institute is a research and development center in training for team leaders, supervisors and business managers.

The M3I Institute has developed training programs that are offered in our accredited centers of the college network so that you can follow a training anywhere in Quebec, in presence or online.

The M3I Institute operates in Quebec and across Canada, in French and English. Its trainings are also given in some university courses (Master's level).

Our mission is to develop tools and methodologies to support and accompany organizations, managers and their team members, in order to help them better respond to the demands of the situations they face.

to understand a situation.
Acceptance of others
for the richness that comes from individual differences.
for the discovery of solutions to a problem.
for the determination necessary to achieve the targeted objectives.
for the achievement of unparalleled heights.

Our Team

Denis Ouimet Ph.D.

People are at the heart of companies and organizations. For almost half a century now, I have been researching and working on organizational behaviour to discover the impacts of human contributions on the functioning of businesses and organization because work constitutes the most important activity of their adult life.
Consequently, I have invested myself in finding ways to help managers intervene so that work becomes a source of satisfaction for everyone involved and a powerful lever for personal fulfillment.
The M3I Institute is the result of the long and successful career of Denis Ouimet, who established, as early as 1976, the BUreau de REcherche et de FORmation en «gestion intégrée», known as BUREFOR Inc., to guide managers in developing integrated managerial practices, philosophies, and value systems. Throughout the years, thousands of people from very diverse work environments and from all organisational levels have benefited from his contributions.
Over a ten-year period, as a university lecturer, Denis Ouimet was in close contact with fundamental research, while pursuing his own work concerning day-to-day management. His work and research activities in management development, training, and organizational behaviour have been the subject of several presentations and publications at the national and international level. He has written eight books, collaborated on three technical publications, published more than 30 articles in various specialized journals, and has also written more than 80 self-instruction and self-help guides, exercise manuals, and different diagnostic tools related to management skills development.
Amongst his major realizations, Denis Ouimet designed and developed, in 1991, a model that explains human functioning: Personality Dynamics and, in 2007, the M3I—Supervision program aimed at the development of human resource management skills through a focus on daily supervision. This program is offered through the Continuing Education Department / Corporate Training Services in nearly half of the ‘cégeps’ across the province of Quebec.
Mr. Ouimet has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Université de Montréal, a Bachelor’s degree in education from the Université de Sherbrooke, a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from the École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal, and has also received a Master’s degree in systems analysis from the Faculty of Administration of the Université de Sherbrooke. Furthermore, he completed doctoral studies in industrial relations from Université Laval, including a semester at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, which lead him to undertake an exhaustive research project on human resource management.

Gilles Bouchard

V.P. Business Partnership Development
Manager, entrepreneur and professional with a passion for improving human and organizational skills.
Recognized for his versatility, he has acquired a solid experience in training needs analysis with companies and organizations over the past 42 years.
He knows how to quickly grasp the human challenges of today's organizations. His interventions allow companies to evolve in terms of human issues and to achieve their objectives to manage their employees more effectively and more humanely.
Senior Account Manager

Martin Vaillancourt

Martin has been working in the fields of  education abd corporate training for over thirty years.
As a project manager, then as a pedagogical advisor in the college environment, he has developed his management and consulting skills with adult learners as well as with trainers and specialists.
He stands out for his sincere interest in people and his willingness to support them in their training process.

Johanne Sénéchal

Executive Assistant