Our philosophy

Human Performance Engineeringtm is a set of strategies and processes that integrates the human contribution, behaviors, reactions and attitudes of each person in the production of a good or a service. This approach is the foundation of every development intervention offered by the M3I Institute. Human Performance Engineeringtm provides managers with the tools to get their team members to invest individually and collectively in the realization of a project. To explore how to integrate human issues into day-to-day management, the proposed approach is based on a methodology, the M3I approach, which places people at the center of their development. In order for a person to voluntarily make the changes required of them, they must :
  • measure their skills and practices
  • modify some of them, in order to
  • master new skills
  • integrate them into their daily lives.
Personality Dynamics, a model that explains human functioning, is based on the four personality components; it provides guidelines on the reactions likely to be encountered in a work context. Several tools analyze a few hundred attitudes and behaviours relating to management. On the one hand, each individual response shows what the person considers required for the proposed statement, in other words, the best practices to implement in their job. On the other hand, these responses are compared with data collected over the past decades from thousands of managers in order to establish comparisons (benchmarking) with the practices of people experiencing the same reality. Based on the M3I Institute’s four fields of intervention — Supervision, Integration, Coaching, Development — generic or customized scenarios are created to develop the skills of managers and members of their team to make work a source of personal and professional growth for each person involved.