Only M3I-Supervision accredited centers, members of SOFEDUC, are authorized to issue Continuing Education Units (CEU). The CEU is used in the management of training activities for which no ministerial credit is granted. It is a social and professional recognition recognized in particular by the professional orders, within the framework of the upgrading required for the renewal of the right to practice. At the end of the M3I-Supervision program, a SOFEDUC certificate of achievement can be given to participants who have demonstrated the achievement of learning objectives following an evaluation. In the case where all standards are met and an individual does not wish to obtain CEUs, there is no evaluation of learning and a SOFEDUC certificate of participation is issued.

Some M3I-Supervision accredited centers may recognize prior learning and competencies in human resources management for individuals who can demonstrate that they possess the competencies targeted in an Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) program recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education. This is a complementary service for someone who would like to obtain an official diploma of studies by making use of the learning acquired through work experience or otherwise. For experienced managers who have completed the M3I - Supervision program, the RAC becomes an opportunity to obtain a diploma recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (MESRST).