Living well through change

Living well with change" is an amalgam of reactions, attitudes and behaviors resulting from values, beliefs, convictions, traditions and life experiences.





For anyone who wants to take advantage of the opportunities that change brings.

The world in which we live, especially since the pandemic, is characterized by significant, frequent and accelerated changes. The workplace is being shaken up by major changes: labour shortages, telecommuting, the effects of the pandemic on work organization and mental health, computerization, etc. In this context, the manager has no choice but to prepare to live well in the change.

The Institute offers two iterations of this program. This page is about the full Living well with through change program.
We also offer a skill-building workshop on the topic.
You can view it here:

Proposed approach:
take a step back from my usual ways of perceiving "my reality";
Estimate my tendencies in the face of change;
specify an ideal (desirable) way of reacting in the continuous change;
identify 5 factors that facilitate "living well with change";
analyze the merits, benefits and detriments of certain attitudes and behaviors in the context of change.
Expected results:
Discover unsuspected strengths to cope with turbulence;
Build solid anchors to maintain balance in the midst of change;
evaluate the impact of their personality dominance on their reaction to change;
build on attitudes and behaviours that facilitate "living well";
develop action plans to get closer to a desired ideal.

To be able to benefit from the 5 factors that facilitate "Living Well with Change" - the proactive attitude, the control of tensions, the positive attitude, the sense of organization and the sense of responsibility - it is essential to understand and exploit each of the four dynamics, so as to optimize one's potential and thus develop skills to harmoniously integrate the reflexes, reactions and behaviors specific to each mode of functioning.


  • Training/Coaching/Individual online coaching (Zoom or Teams platform) with an experienced coach;
  • Self-assessment tool My tendencies towards change completed before the start of the program and individual 60-page report;
  • Flexible schedule according to the participant's availability;
  • 18 hours of intervention divided into sessions of one to two hours each;
  • Possibility of a grant from Services Québec;
  • Possibility of private groups (18 hours of training and 6 hours of individual coaching).

Materials provided

Self-diagnosis questionnaire
Form with 120 statements

From my estimation of 120 attitudes and behaviors, I obtain:

  • A portrait of my usual way of reacting;
  • A clarification of what I consider desirable;
  • Innovative perspectives on how to deal with change;
  • An opportunity to take more advantage of my full potential.
Measurement of my tendencies in the face of change
120 statement form

A personalized 60-page report that provides insights into the 5 factors that facilitate "Living Well with Change":

  • Proactive attitude;
  • Tension control;
  • Positive attitude;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Sense of responsibility.