The 7 Pillars

of a successful management life

Being responsible for a team to get the job done is the main challenge of any manager's role, because the human factor is the essential ingredient of any project.





This program proposes an approach to developing skills related to human behavior and people management practices. The 7 Pillars of a Successful Management Life suggests that managers adapt their practices to the specific characteristics of each member of their team. By adapting their intervention strategies to their personality, managers ensure that they fulfill their role by mastering the competencies related to the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the tasks they must accomplish.

The 7 pillars of a successful management life:
Vision / Inventiveness / Ingenuity;
Orientation / Results;
Ability to organize work;
Team Management;
Relational skills;
Performance management.
At the end of this development process, each participant will have :
Identified his or her skill level in managing people;
Discovered the specific expectations of his or her collaborators with respect to his or her role as a manager;
Identified targeted strategies to meet the needs of those around them;
Developed improvement plans to enhance their people management skills.


Upon registration, each participant receives a self-diagnosis questionnaire to be completed before the start of the sessions, from which a 7-D PROFILE is prepared and handed out at the first meeting. This 60-page personalized report is an estimate of the level of mastery as well as the level "required for the job" for 35 competencies. It also includes comparative information based on a sample of nearly 3,000 managers facing the same realities. Sophisticated statistical processing of more than 500,000 cross-referenced data makes it possible to identify strengths and areas for improvement among 220 attitudes and behaviors.

Throughout the program, various didactic strategies are used: brief thematic presentations, small group discussions, case studies, individual reflections, self-assessment questionnaires and plenary discussions. All discussions, conducted with the utmost respect for confidentiality, are based on the in-depth analysis of the 7-D PROFILE and on the topics for reflection presented in this participant's manual.

Course of action

The program takes place over four non-consecutive days and covers the following topics:

Day 1

The dynamics of the person
The 7-D Profile
PILLAR 1 Vision / Inventiveness / Ingenuity
1.1 Imagination
1.2 Ingenuity
1.3 Autonomy
1.4 Utility Seeking
PILLAR 2 Orientation - Results
2.1 Proactive Attitude
2.2 Focus on objectives
2.3 Effectiveness Orientation
2.4 Commitment
2.5 Pride

Day 2

PILLAR 3 Work Organization Skills
3.1 Analytical Skills
3.2 Rationality
3.3 Efficiency
PILLAR 4 Adaptability
4.1 Search for harmony
4.2 Flexibility
4.3 Tension Control
PILLAR 5 Team Management
5.1 Focus on the Other
5.2 Team spirit
5.3 Mobilization
5.4 Expressing emotions

Day 3

PILLAR 6 Relational Skills
6.1 Openness
6.2 Ease of contact
6.3 Listening
6.4 Availability
6.5 Ability to Extrapolate
6.6 Insight
6.7 Clarity of expression
6.8 Accuracy of message

Day 4

PILLAR 7 Performance Management
7.1 Thoroughness
7.2 Good judgment
7.3 Diagnostic skills
7.4 Measurement of Results
7.5 Accuracy of consequences
7.6 Striving to Improve Performance
7.7 Recognition
7.8 Creating a Supportive Environment